Faith in humanity?

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Earlier just now, as I was reversing my car, an indian guy came over to me. Looks like he is in mid or late 20s, carrying a black knapsack, wearing a dark coloured shirt and jeans. He approached to me asking if I speak and understand English. He speak fluently, uses bro a lot. He says that he isn’t from this area, he got into an accident (shows his grazed right elbow) and his motorcycle is in the mechanic’s place nearby and he doesn’t have enough money to pay for the repair. He says that he’s been begging people for 2 hours already, he got no friends or contacts around here. He says he only needs RM18 to pay for the remaining repair bill.

So, this puts me in a difficult situation. Difficult situation because on one hand, I wanted to help if he is genuinely in need of help. On the other hand, it is giving me scam alert. These 2 thoughts see-saw on the scale. I hesitated and say I don’t have much with me (I’ve like a few 1 dollar notes and 2 fifty notes)
There’s a car coming my direction, so i adjust my car so I don’t block the road. While I was doing that, the guy says nevermind lah bro, if you can’t help then it’s ok, and then walk off.

The scale suddenly goes in favor of helping him cause he looks somewhat desperate in getting help. I thought about it and then ask God, what must I do? Should I help him with the risk of possibly getting cheated? Maybe I could fetch him to the mechanic and pay for him. What if he have a weapon inside his bag? What if he guides me to a gang of his instead of mechanic? What if he really needs help and no one is there to help him? I saw him walking to a distance. I asked God for help again, and then I went after him.

I finally caught up to him (with my car) and I ask him where is he going and what about his parents or siblings. He says he’s just walking around, dunno wat to do. His mother is 70 years old and can’t walk. He’s from SP. He’s got no other siblings. He says the mechanic shop is near the Sg Nibong bus terminal traffic light. So I offered to fetch him to the mechanic. Then he say It’s ok lah bro, you don’t trust me, and then walks off again.

I was like, what is this. I was about to offer him RM18. Then the scale goes back to neutral and a little bit to the suspicious side. Wanting to know if he really is genuine or not, I drove to the 2 motorcycle mechanic shops in that area and asked them if there’s an indian guy who sent his bike here for repair. Both said no. That pretty much clears my conscience. Thank God for that and I didn’t foolishly give out my money to undeserving people.

Though, it makes me think, that we, the ‘normal’ people always think of criminals such as scammers, thieves, rapists, etc are so inhuman for doing the things that makes them to be less human. But on the flipside, in protecting oneself’s life or money or properties or belongings, we too have become less human our self by not offering help or money to people who needs it in fear of getting cheated or killed or raped. Of course there are people who really go out of their way to help people and strangers and I’m pretty sure there are occasions when they got cheated or taken advantage of. But they are the ones who make us have faith in humanity, that there’s still hope in this downward spiral path that humanity is taking. There’s still hope that we can get out of it. That hope rest upon Christ Himself. To God be the glory.


Epic Battle

•April 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

As I was sound asleep, suddenly I was waken up by a ticklish sensation on my leg. I just move my leg a little and the sensation’s gone. After a few seconds, the ticklish sensation came back, this time, on my arms. I let it ‘run’ for awhile, trying to detect what is it in the blind darkness. Suddenly, I can feel all my hair standing up as I get the clearer picture of what caused it.

My instinct kicks in and I shook my hand violently. I heard a soft thud nearby. I grab my glasses, switch on the lights and scan my surrounding. There it was. Instantly, my survival skill is overtook every cell of my body in order to get rid of it. It’s survival instinct is actively on the look out as it scans it’s surrounding frantically after receiving the first blow from me.

Stealthily, I move out from my room to obtain the Legendary Weapon, a poison element weapon, deals 999 damage per second for over 99 seconds, additional charges deals extra 20% damage and resets the time to 99 again. The debuff of this weapon is that it will apply a special buff to the victim, victim will have 70% increase walk speed, 50% chance to activate victim’s flight system. As the life goes below 20%, the buff starts to fade away, move speed drops to 1 and after a brief moment, it’ll cripple the victim altogether. With my ultimate weapon, I return to my room.

Placing myself in a backstab position, I fired one shot at it. It wasn’t a direct hit due to it’s 60% evasion and back armor. Gritting my teeth, I took aim and fired again. This time, it was right on target, however it wasn’t a critical hit. The effect is clearly visible. It started running everywhere, a futile effort against my special weapon.

However, I was not satisfied, I went into position again, waiting for the right moment to apply another charges. It tries to find cover frantically, probably blinded by my first attack as it hits the head. As soon as it runs out in the open, I fired immediately, another hit on the head, this time a critical hit. It fell down to the floor, grasping every inch of it’s strength to run away from my fury, crawling across the floor. I walk around it, keeping my eye on it all the time, there is little to no mercy left on me as I watch it struggling it’s remaining life. It’s plea and begging falls into deaf ears of mine. It climb up to higher ground, hoping that it will reach to me better. I scoff at it and fired a snap shot at it, pushing it off the top into the waste pit, back to the rightful place where it belongs. It tries to climb out from the waste pit, I took one last look at it’s pitiful state, before dealing my fatal blow on it.

Smoke billows from the waste pit, a satisfying sight I would say. I could hear it struggling for it’s last moment. was music to my ears. I stood up, placing back my Legendary Weapon back together with my array of weapons of mass destruction. Now I may return back to my sleep.


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I missed my blog quota for 2009…didn’t hit the target of 5 post a year. =(

Maybe…maybe this year I’ll hit. =D

Ohh, and as you can see, I’m still blogging right now, that means I’m still alive after the Komtar Run (looking back at the previous post). I survived through Penang Bridge Run Half Marathon too! With a medal! Woohoo! But the run was full of pain and suffering. Running and walking with knee injuries isn’t fun when you still have 10km more to go. Though, there is a handful of helpful individuals out there who offered me some counter-pain cream/balm for my knees. It helps…for a few step >.< after that the pain immediately came back and I still have to grit my teeth and continue running to show them that they did helped me. =P

This is a new year. Actually I started off with a bad start this year, a lot of mess from last year weren’t sorted out yet. Hopefully things will be better after clearing out the mess. A bad start usually means a bad year ahead eh? Though it’s not for me, experience from the past year taught me that, God always provides and He is faithful in doing that for me. He really did helped me in times of difficulty almost all the time. Just like what happened in the bridge run, help were extended to me even when I didn’t asked for it. Trust in the Lord always. That will be my personal theme this year. To strengthen and concreting my trust in Him.

1 out of 5 post for 2010 =) that’s 20% completion already! Hehe!

Komtar Run 2009

•May 18, 2009 • 2 Comments

Komtar Run 2009

I’m going for this crazy event, this is going to be my first event where I’m one of the Miracle Miler representative. Yay!

Reasons why I label this a crazy event :-

  1. It’s a vertical race.
  2. According to the site, total distance is 2KM ‘only’.
  3. Most probably climbing 61 floors is part of the 2KM.
  4. It is not open air.
  5. So…hundreds or thousands of people are exhaling carbon diokside in the staircase area.
  6. You’ll be breathing in more carbon diokside than oxygen.
  7. The air inside will be stagnant, hot and smelly.

It certainly will be a ‘wonderful’ experience for me! Let’s hope I survive through this to update this blog after the run. >.<


•November 5, 2008 • 3 Comments

Oh dear, my blog looks so sad and depressing. Don’t worry, I’ll change the layout and outlook in a few days time =)


ps : I didn’t mention anything about adding new post though =D


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Alright, this should be done long long time ago. Finally took the initiative to actually start writing it. So Jon tagged me but he doubts that I’ll do it. He was right for, err, 4 months plus. Hehe! Now I’m gonna do it!
The rules:
Link to your tagger and post this rules.
List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
Tag eight (8) people at the end of this post and list their names.
Let them know that they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog.

The Random Eight :

  1. One of my random thoughts that randomly occurs on my mind on random occasion/situation is that I’ve always wished there’s a time-machine thingie inside my drawer =( cause there’s so many things I wanted to reverse or prevent it.
  2. I love driving (I’d love driving even more if petrol isn’t so expensive nowadays). I’m very glad to drive different type of cars but the thought of accidentally banging or scratching the owner’s car isn’t at all pleasant.
  3. I think my eye-ball looks a bit senget in photos.
  4. Recently I’ve started to develop an obsession for shoes. (Running shoes mind you. Not the kind of shoes which girls are obsessed with.)
  5. I have this habit of plucking my beard with my fingernails or tweezers and biting the skin of my lips and inside my mouth.
  6. I think 8 random facts are a little too much to think in a day.
  7. Sometimes I think girlish stuff is cool. Pink for instance. (Go on and laugh. I don’t care.)
  8. I have a birthmark on my left leg that looks like a left footprint. Or a drumstick.

Whew! I did it! *cheers enthusiastically*
To tag 8 fortunate people now…

  1. Ai Ling
  2. Grace
  3. Joan
  4. Khye Wei
  5. Hooi Ching
  6. Zoe
  7. Sou Shuang
  8. Mei Lin
  9. Happy tagging =)

Hello world…again…

•August 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

Again I shifted my blog-house. (thanks to Joshua)

Reason :

I keep getting timeout from my previous BSP (Blog Service Provider) while attempting to write in new entries. What’s more, it’s really a pain to the rear if you’re copy and pasting from, let’s say a Word document or standard .txt (Notepad) file, you’ll spend most of your time editing the layout and paragraph of your entry. So far this WordPress here gives me good impression and I love the fullscreen features! Or you can expand your post-space! (previous BSP doesn’t offer that and I’ve to struggle my way through a small, cramp post-space or workspace)

Don’t expect much entry from me though. Linking back to my previous blog, you’ll see that I post up 5 entries ANNUALLY! Hehe! Though it seems like I’ve break the tradition with 6 post this year, including this one. A good one I would say.

Much renovation needs to be done over here. You’ll notice more layout changes than all my entries add up together. Time to get back to my books >.<